ONCE UPON A REAL ESTATE TIME in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY - Many years ago before cell phones and texting, a couple came into my office holding a real estate advertisement that I had run several weeks before for a house that happened to sell rather quickly. The husband handed me the tiny piece of paper and had an inquisitive look on his face while his wife just stood motionless. I told him, "I'm sorry, but this house just sold." He dropped his head, turned away slowly and he and his wife headed for the door. I said "wait, come back, I may have something else for you" but there was no response. They just kept walking. Again, I said "wait" and they never even turned around. I ran quickly to get their attention, tapping him on the shoulder. They stopped with a startled look.
I'm not sure at what point I realized that they could not hear or speak.............! I motioned for them to come back and sit with me. Cautiously, they did.  I took a pad from my desk and pen and we started to communicate by writing. First I wrote and then gave them the pad to read and they wrote and gave it back to me. I asked them what they were looking for and each time we wrote a few lines or words and handed the paper back and forth. They suddenly had a more relaxed look and a sweet smile.  I showed them a few listings which they seemed to like and they made an appointment with me for the next day to look at homes in the Wallkill, Plattekill, NY area. Little did I realize at that moment that this was a huge undertaking? EVERY communication had to be written. After a few hours, I found it quite amazing just how much one can communicate by a look, a gesture, a touch, a quick note. After seeing several homes, the last one was their dream house. The excitement was overwhelming.
OK, now what? Well, back to the office to fill out a purchase offer and all paperwork. Try explaining a purchase offer to someone who can't hear what you are saying or answer you when you have a question. Imagine taking every word that you speak when you explain the purchase of home and write it instead of speaking it. OH MY GOSH! And, if I thought that was difficult, try sitting through a home inspection, contract signing and a mortgage application. Try explaining closing costs, tax escrows and apportionments. Fortunately, I worked with a lawyer and a mortgage broker that were more than accommodating. I came along to offer my help and together after many hours we made it through all the steps. 
Closing day finally came and they moved into their new home in Wallkill, NY. It was one of the happiest days of their life and mine too. After all was said and done they told me that .................no one wanted to work with them...............it was too much trouble. REALLY!!!!? They had almost given up trying to find a house. To this day, after almost 46 years of selling real estate, this was my most memorable and satisfying transaction. I knew that I really helped someone  make a dream come true and finally purchase their own home. Yes, it was work. It took an enormous amount of patience, but what joy in knowing that I made a difference in their lives. To this day I keep their photo on my desk. It is a constant reminder of the little things that we take for granted each day and how we should be thankful for so much more. It is a reminder of what makes a difference in this world; the little things that get overlooked because they are too much trouble. If someone needs extra, special attention....GO THE DISTANCE.....and make a difference in someone's life!